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The Pulver bottle crusher solves your empty bottle problems.
With a height of only 155 cm, a diameter of 55 cm and weighing only 55 kg, it is a compact, ergonomic, strong and highly efficient piece of equipment which can be moved easily. It is fitted with a standard 13 Amp, 240 Volt ac, 50 Hz, 3-pin plug.

How does it work

The bottle crusher can be used immediately and simply involves 'plug & play'.
The machine is highly effective, fast and offers an automatic 'start and stop' function.
The bottles are fed via the top which is covered by an automatically closing lid - a practical health & safety feature. The original volume of glass is reduced to one ninth of its original volume and lands in a specially designed barrel which can be hermetically sealed once full. The barrel can easily be replaced or emptied and holds up to 22 kg of crushed glass. This is an equivalent of 55 wine bottles or 100+ beer bottles. A red warning light indicates when the barrel is full. If required, our product can be supplied in your bespoke company colours (minimum quantities apply).