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PULVER, the bottle crusher

PULVER is an innovative solution to reduce glass bottle waste in all industry sectors and allows you to safely dispose of glass bottles and jars whilst minimising your total disposal cost.

PULVER is the only professional bottle-crusher of its kind. It breaks and crushes empty bottles in a fast, safe and effective way.

Our product is used in bars, clubs, restaurants, hotels, hospitality venues and exhibition centres. It is also used in hospitals and in the care sector.

The Pulver bottle machine crushes up to 30 large bottles per minute reducing them to one ninth of their original volume. The result is cullet sized glass which can be easily transported in the hermetically sealed barrels ready to be recycled.

The Pulver bottle crusher saves space and organises your waste bottle disposal. No more handling of empty bottles. No need to send staff to the bottle bank. For a detailed overview of all the other reasons why you should consider a Pulver bottle crusher, please go to our advantages page.

PULVER video


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