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The advantages

The Pulver bottle crusher makes your life easier

By saving valuable space with its small diameter footprint of only 55 cm.

By saving money on waste costs, increasing profits and delivering a fast payback.

By being very discreet and quiet.

By offering a 100% RECYCLING solution thus reducing landfill.

By offering a 100% SAFE solution with a fully enclosed crushing mechanism, automatic start & stop function, automatically closing lid, safe working height and no spillage.

By offering a 12 month FULL SERVICE and GUARANTEE.

By being easy-to-use, energy efficient, reliable and maintenance free.

By reducing the bottle volume 9:1 through crushing the glass to cullet size.

By effortlessly disposing of all bottle sizes.

Being designed for one-person operation.

By being available in different colours to suit your brand image

Furthermore it is strong, easy to move and CE approved.


180 bottles fit in one reservoir after being crushed.